Star No Star

We end up right here, my friend.

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Shining Armor

I think back every time I feel down
Every tear every frown
I felt like I was losing my ethereal crown
In this so called paradise of this town
While wearing this blue gown

I feel like my identity is sinking me
The anchor of my insecurities drowning me into the sea
Like a father who is deadbeat
I have lost my dignity

Trying to fight off the dungeon’s dragon
As my weak feet kept draggin’
I wonder what is in it for me
When I fight off the heavy flaws of my personality

Will I sweep a princess off her feet?
No, this battle will take long to beat,
I do not ask for love in return
What I ask for is my own acceptance
But that is yet to be confirmed

I am my own hero
I am my own villain
I can start again from zero
Or see the end as I die in vain


I feel like a goldfish
Out of my own bowl
So stupid
And useless
With a blank stare
I couldn’t bring
Myself as a human being
Ugly Bitch
Pretty Witch
Kill me
Until I am asphyxiated
As If I’m the one you hated
I was never worth anything
I always amounted to nothing
Make me the prettiest funeral
Since I’m most likely going to hell
I cannot be saved
Just take me to my grave
As I turn into ashes
Casket covered in sashes
Who am I
I have no alibi
Of my own presence
My sadness won’t lessen
The only melody
in my head with no remedy
is distress
And it’s easy to depress
the mood
when there’s nothing good
about me